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Worker's Advancement Party
Worker's Advancement Party of Midway
FoundedMarch 26, 2011
Fiscal positionCenter-left
Social positionRight
Party ChairmanSamuel Madison
HeadquartersAldebaran, Midway
Official colors      Blue
Seats in the
- Provincial Committee (all provinces)
- State Committee of the Union of Midway
- Congress of the Union of Midway

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The Worker's Advancement Party of Midway (WAP) is a political party in the Union of Midway, with positions and an ideology based on the basis and principles of promcapablicism and the Introduction to Promcapablicism and its Explanation. The party was founded by Samuel Madison, a college professor and is based off of the Worker's Advancement Party from the United States of JBR. It was founded on March, 26, 2011.

The Worker's Advancement Party currently holds no seats in any of the branches of government in Midway.

The party favors fast progression, and tends to be liberally centrist fiscally, and moderately conservative socially. Its positions are identical to the positions of the current government of the United States of JBR. It is a member of the International Promcapablic Association and is recognized as the official promcapablic party of Midway.