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Western Territory of JBR
Flag of Yunoland
National Flag
"Deo Gratias"
National Anthem
"Audi Famnam Illuis" (I've Heard Legends)
Capital Cheyenne
Official Languages English
Government Territory of JBR; protectorate of Bowasia and JBR
King Rudolph von Holt
- Bowasian military occupation
- Transfer of sovereignty to JBR

December 27, 2012
January 4, 2013
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
40,000,000 (est)
Currency Bowasian Zen(Z), JBR Dollar($).
Literacy Rate 95.3% (projected estimate)
Time Zone UTC -7

Yunoland, or the Western Territory as its known outside Bowasia, is the region in the former western United States. It was created on December 27, 2012 after Bowasia staked its claim to station troops to combat potential threats from China in the Chinese-Bowasian debt dispute. After Bowasia reached an agreement with China, Bowasia proposed a sovereignty transfer to JBR where Bowasia would hand all sovereignty of the Western Territory to JBR.