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Vice President of the
United States of JBR
Vice Presidential Standard
Emily Huang

since October 16, 2009
StyleThe Honorable
ResidenceHarada House, Riverside, IE, JBR
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderNeil Royston
FormationJBRican Constitution
October 16, 2006
DeputyVice President

The Vice President is the second-highest ranked official in the government of the United States of JBR. Serving alongside the President, the Vice President is the deputy commander-in-chief and diplomat.

Article I of the Constitution of the United States of JBR prescribes the Vice President with both executive and legislative powers. The Vice President is charged as an auxiliary official carrying and executing executive functions at the President's discretion. The Vice President is the Head of the Cabinet and ensures that the President's agenda is carried out in each individual department. The Vice President is heavily involved with the internal administration and finances of the government serving as both the President of the Federal Services Administration (FSA) and the Treasurer of the Palace. Aside from these official executive responsibilities, in the event that the President is not directly available to perform his/her tasks, the Vice President is expected to perform them in the name of the President. Legislatively, the Vice President is permitted to participate in normal sessions of Congress in both houses. The Vice President may propose any law except an amendment to the Constitution.

The Vice President is directly elected by the people together with the President for a four-year term.

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