Treaty of Azuay and Guayaquil
Treaty of the Departments of Azuay and Provincial Guayaquil

Article I Edit

There shall be peace between the Empire of Antioquia and the Republic of Peru, brother nations that have been plunged into war by selfish expansionist desires.

Article II Edit

The Empire of Antioquia will keep the Department of Azuay and the Province of Guayaquil. Both nations will keep the same territory as they did before the war

Article III Edit

In order to avoid a conflict in the future, and to assure the integral reconstruction of the affected territories involved in the war, the government of peru must:

Section IEdit

The Republic of Peru must Pay 1.897.000.000 Antioquian pesos (946.000.000 USD) to the Empire of Antioquia

Section IIEdit

The Republic of Peru grants Airbone and Waterbone access to the Empire of Antioquia, to all the territories of the Republic

Section IIIEdit

No nation can attack the other one after this treaty is signed. Both nations have to comply with the duties established in this treaty,

Section IVEdit

The Republic of Peru will abolish all the taxes on Antioquian products entering or leaving the Republic.

Section VEdit

The Republic of Peru agrees to Notify all its military decisions to the Foreign Office of Antioquia

Article IV Edit

Any violation of this Treaty shall be alerted to all nations involved. All nations involved must put their full effort into the peaceful resolution to such a event.

Article VEdit

This treaty shall be ratified by all of the undersigned signed nations. Each undersigned nation shall ratify this through their respective legal means, the sooner the better.

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