Second Battle of York
Part of the British-Australian War
Date 16th June 2006
Location York, Republic of Australia
Result British Victory
Status Ended
ROA FLAG Australia GB flag Great Britain
ROA FLAG Lt.Peter Simpson GB flag John Lock
11,000 6000
Casualties and losses
1400 soldiers killed
213 soldiers injured
709 soldiers arrested
102 soldiers killed
13 soldiers injured

The Second Battle of York was a battle in the British-Australian War that took place on the 16th June 2006.

The sneak attack begun at 04:31 when British forces called in several airstrikes with devastating consequences. The airstrikes ripped the town apart killing hundreds of soldiers who unaware of what was happening. Then the British forces launched a ground attack. The Australians could barely put up a fight as the smoke made visibility low. Most Australian soldiers surrendered once they realized there was no way of returning fire. Those who did were quickly killed by the advancing British soldiers. The town was captured at 05:03.

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