Second Battle of Perth
Part of the British-Australian War
Date 2nd July
Location Perth, Republic of Australia

British Forces attack Perth

Australian forces retake Perth, ending the war
Result Australian Victory
Status Ended
ROA FLAG Australia
GB flag Great Britain
ROA FLAG Lt. Gen. Adrian Barker GB flag David Blake
GB flag William Elliot
35,000 6,000
Casualties and losses
61 soldiers killed
13 injured
97 soldiers killed
21 injured

With the British now heavily outnumbered, it was just a matter of time before Perth was back in Australian hands. For the first time in just under a month, Australian troops entered Perth without much resistance from the defiant 6000 British soldiers that remained there. For 45 minutes, a firefight ensued before word came through that British Prime Minister David Blake ordered the British forces to surrender and has abdicated from his office. The British Forces did this at 15:00 officially ending the British-Australian war.

In the aftermath, Australia declared itself as a Republic cutting off all links from the commonwealth and issued a warrant for the arrest of David Blake who fled from Britain.

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