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Russian Federation
Flag of Russia Coat of Arms of Russia
National Flag Coat of Arms
National Anthem
Государственный гимн Российской Федерации
Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii)
State Anthem of the Russian Federation)
Capital Moscow
Official Languages Russian official throughout the country; 27 others co-official in various regions
Demonym Russian
Government Federal Meritocratic Republic
- High Chancellor of the Russian Federation Anna Kournikova
- Vice-Chancellor of the Russian Federation Anatoli Bukin
- Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Ilari Abelev
National Animal Russian Bear
Double-Headed Eagle
- Russian Federation

25 December 1991
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
81% Russians

3.7% Tatars
1.4% Ukrainians
1.1% Bashkirs
1% Chuvashes

11.8% others and unspecified
Currency Russian Rubble(RUB)
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2013 estimate
$18.090 trillion
Internet TLD .ru
Time Zone (UTC+3 to +12 (exc. +5))