El Presidente
Romario Spectre
President of the Republic of Cuba

President of the Republic of Cuba
Assumed office
February 18, 2013
Preceded by Office Created

Born May 1st, 1982(Age: 38)
Nationality Cuban; Cuban-American ex-pat
Political party Socialist Party of the Republic of Cuba
Residence Havana President's Home
Alma mater Harvard Law School
Profession District Attorney
Religion Agnosticism

Romario Spectre (born May 1st, 1982) is the current President of the Republic of Cuba. He was a prolific District Attorney for the new Republic of Cuba in the nine years, and was responsible for prosecuting hundreds of post-collapse murders and attempted kidnappings. After rising to near celebrity status, the assassination of the President by an American ex-pat claiming allegiance to Bowasia saw him rise to the Presidency in a surge of nationalism.


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