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Federal City of Riverside
Top: JBRican Capitol; Middle left: Statue of Jean-Jacques Rousseau at Victoria Park; Middle right: Riverside WTC Complex; Bottom left: Mission Inn; Bottom right: Presidential Palace


Motto: Prosperity Reigns
Country Flag of the United States of JBR (2011-2013).png United States of JBR
State Inland Empire
Founded 1870
Incorporated 1883
Capitalized 2006
 - Mayor Martin Jefferson (P)
 - Delegation Assembly Ronald O. Loveridge
Population (2012 estimate)
 - Capital city 783,201
 - Metro 2,848,212
 - Demonym Riverside
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PST (UTC-7)
Area code(s) 100

The Federal City of Riverside (Riverside) serves as both the capitals of the state of the Inland Empire and the United States of JBR. Riverside is the largest city in the Inland Empire while its metropolis makes it the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the entire nation. This metropolitan area combined with the Los Angeles and San Diego metros form what is known as the Southwest Corridor Region--the section of the United States of JBR where most of its inhabitants reside and commute in.

Riverside is situated along the Inland Empire's western borders where it is surrounded by low-lying mountains in a chaparral environment. Approximately 36 miles from the coast and 60 miles from the City of Los Angeles. The Santa Ana River (the river in which the city gives its namesake) form much of the northern boundaries of the city. The city's northeastern boundaries are defined at Mount Rubidoux where the Santa Ana River flows pass to the adjacent city of Jurupa Valley. To the east of Riverside lie the cities of Moreno Valley and Perris. The southern border of Riverside runs along Cajalco Boulevard, a high traffic road connecting to much of Riverside's commercial and residential areas.

Home to the JBRican national and Inland state governments as well as several of the nation's largest conglomerates, Riverside has experienced an economic boom over the past six years since the JBRican States was founded. The de jure downtown of Riverside, located just southwest of Mount Rubidoux, is the center of government as well as the host of several military and intelligence facilities. The JBRican Capitol Building sits along the northern shore of Lake Mathews at the western beginning of Cajalco Boulevard. Accompanying the Capitol are some of JBR's largest corporations including OP Entertainment, Lees Food Corporation, and Technocraft.

The Federal City of Riverside is governed by a locally elected mayor and a 16-member assembly. Unlike most national capitals, Riverside is not part of its own special district. Because of this, Riverside serves as the national capital of JBR, the state capital of the Inland Empire, and the county seat of Capital County. Capital County itself is strictly confined within Riverside's borders making city and county affairs synonymous. The city is divided into five areas known as tiers: Tier 1 Downtown, Tier 2 Woodcrest, Tier 3 Magnolia, Tier 4 La Sierra, and Tier 5 Caljaco.