His Excellency
Reyneir August ze Gallis
Reyneir ze gallis

Reyneir ze Gallis, 33 yrs old (circa 2009)

In office
17 May 2010 – 12 February 2013 (impeached)
Preceded by Alex Fluynt
Succeeded by Kael Spirska

In office
30 November 2007 – 16 May 2010
Preceded by Lean Franzeryl
Succeeded by Judelo Ritchule

In office
20 May 2004 – 29 November 2007
Preceded by Darwin Yvez
Succeeded by Darwin Yvez

Born August 20, 1976 (age 43)
Java, Shida Kartli, Georgia
Nationality Eurasian
Political party Union Party
Spouse Ren Fina Tilos-Gallis
Children Khi Luxix ze Gallis
Io Rubi ze Gallis
Residence Chair Palace (Official)
Town Aleia (Private)
Alma mater Tbilisi State University
Georgian Institute of Public Affairs
Profession Politician, Professor,
Public relations officer/manager
Religion None
Signature ReyneirzeGallis-sign

Reyneir August ze Gallis (born 20 August 1976), also more known as Reyneir ze Gallis, is a Eurasian politician, professional educator, and a PR and HR expert with Russo-Cossack decent. He has been the 3rd Chairman of the Eurasian Federation and the first Chairman to be impeached from duty.

Reyneir ze Gallis is currently balancing his occupation as a professor in Black Pearl University with his position as consultant to the Eurasian Guild, specifically to the Blitz Corporation. He is also a silent partner of Irina Jelavic in the Jelavic Estate.

Early life and educationEdit

Born on the 29th of August, 1976 to Reyneir ze Gallis and Christine Tilos-Gallis as their 2nd son and 4th child. He was christened Reyneir August ze Gallis and baptized as a Roman Catholic. His uncle and godfather, Ronwel Tilos, a local community official, "proud" idealist and "notorious" optimist, served as his inspiration to try politics later. Growing up, Reyneir had a bad attitude, being unfriendly and having a frightening short temper, which caused him to often get into fights and arguments with other children, his siblings, and even his parents. He only get along with Ronwel Tilos and with another child of the same age as him, Cagalli Sonnata (who would later be a party-mate and the 3rd Speaker of the House).

The ze Gallis family were middle-class and considered normal. His father, Reyneir ze Gallis, was a Cossack immigrant from Russia who once worked as a government employee in Georgia but resigned and landed as an executive in a private company owned by a family friend. His mother, Christine Tilos-Gallis, worked as a government employee and is a member of a "political family" who were largely influential in the local area during the Soviet era. Both parents were perfectionists and "overly" adherent to their faith of the Catholic Church. Reyneir was extremely frustrated with his family's overall well-being and disappointed on how he was raised. He saw a lot of faults in his parents' method on raising their family and being in their company only made Reyneir more and more frustrated.

Contrary to what others have presumed, the ze Gallis family was not poor nor on the verge of poverty as all four children attended private schools and the family employed two maids at one point. One of the maids, Babeth Detsyro, took care of Reyneir since birth and Reyneir sees her as more of a mother to him than his own biological mother.

During his childhood, Reyneir learned how to play the piano. He also learned the Russian and English languages. Reyneir also developed his fondness for animals, especially cats, and his disgust for insects. Reyneir's fear of open waters, heights, and being a nervous flyer surfaced during his childhood.

On 1991, Reyneir, aged 15, decided by himself to transfer to a more prestigious private school for his secondary education. He was granted with an academic scholarship and Reyneir pressured his parents to enroll him. Reyneir then temporarily moved to Ronwel Tilos' house and stayed there on weekdays for it was nearer to his secondary school.

On mid-June 1994, after completing secondary education, Reyneir left his family in Java and ceased all kinds of communication with them. After leaving his family, Reyneir removed the "August" from his name when introducing himself but did not attempt to change any of his certificates and documents; his legal name still remains as "Reyneir August ze Gallis". He also stopped practicing Catholicism since then. Reyneir settled in Tbilisi and constantly remained in contact with Ronwel Tilos. There, he took the Unified National Examinations to enter Tbilisi State University as he had planned to do. However, regional events that occurred on June of that year made him opt to acquire vocational studies first and an adequate job as prices of basic needs skyrocketed. Reyneir's attitude problems improved when he left his family. He is now jovial and calm and had an affable nature well-liked by his classmates and colleagues in work. Reyneir was financially supported by Ronwel Tilos and by his own means when he left Java.

On August, after turning 18 years old, Reyneir had to take up an 18-month mandated conscription. On 12 September 1994, Georgia declared a nation-wide state of emergency and called for conscripts and volunteers to defend the country from war. Reyneir was originally assigned to a battalion-sized logistics unit but was soon transferred to an intelligence unit due to his knowledge of the Russian language. Reyneir then received further training than a regular conscript. He reached the rank of 2nd Lieutenant during the war and was a commanding officer of an intelligence squadron.

After the war on September 1997, Reyneir, now aged 21, lost contact with his guardian Ronwel Tilos. Lovro Jelavic, a widower and close friend of Ronwel Tilos, took him in as his ward and he met Lovro's daughter, Irina, who was eight years younger than him and is the scion of the Jelavic Estate. He stayed within the Jelavic Estate but in a separate house from the main one and worked as an amateur manager of the estate under Lovro's tutelage. He also served Irina Jelavic and tutored her.

Lovro Jelavic made arrangements for Reyneir to pursue his plans to study Human Resource Management in Tbilisi State University. He eventually received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the faculty of Economics and Business on 2001. After graduating, Reyneir, now aged 25, immediately applied to Georgian Institute of Public Affairs to earn a Master of Art's degree through its Public Relations Management program. While studying, he also taught in two private schools owned by the Jelavic's and also balanced his duties in the estate. Reyneir acquired his MA on 2003 and continued teaching until he became reacquainted once again with Cagalli Sonnata, his childhood friend from Java, who urged him to try politics and to join the Union Party.


When Reyneir ze Gallis left his hometown Java on June 1994, he had to depend on the weekly allowance being mailed to him by his guardian, Ronwel Tilos. Often times, due to the crisis of that time, Reyneir had to make ends meet by looking for a job. He worked in several part-time jobs; first in a bakery who paid him using their daily produce, another as a receptionist due to his fluency in English, and another in a hotel bar as a bartender. Reyneir also first entertained the idea of being a teacher during this period as he usually took on requests for home tutoring in exchange for favors, usually meals after his tutoring session.


The first professional occupation of Reyneir ze Gallis is being a teacher at two private schools simultaneously: the Jelavic Institution for Gentlemen's Education and the Jelavic Institution for Ladies' Education. Both schools are situated inside the Jelavic Estate in Tbilisi and the campuses are right beside each other, only separated by a stream (though a bridge connects the two campuses). He taught Foreign languages, history and social studies in both schools from 2001 to 2004. He also managed an advisory class and a club in each school.

Although not a professional tutor, though an experienced one, Reyneir was also the official private tutor of Irina Jelavic from the time that she was 13 years old up to when Irina graduated from secondary education on 2002.

After being impeached as the Chairman of the Eurasian Federation, Reyneir is now a part-time profesor in the Black Pearl University in Town Aleia teaching in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Reyneir ze Gallis met Cagalli Sonnata, a childhood friend from his hometown sometime on 2003. Cagalli encouraged Reyneir to try politics like his uncle and godfather, Ronwel Tilos, who was a government official in Java. Cagalli recruited Reyneir to the Union Party and the two of them are credited with the creation of the party's youth and student wings, the Young Unionist Power and the Union of Young Adults, which spurred other parties to create their own. Reyneir contributed greatly as a member of the campaign staff of Alex Fluynt, the would be 2nd Chairman of the Federation, during the second AUE General Elections. Reyneir was selected to be in the campaign staff due to his background in HRM and PR; it was his first "true" full-time job.

At the age of 28, Alex Fluynt included Reyneir ze Gallis in his cabinet as the 3rd Secretary of the Department of Citizenry Concerns on May 2004. Reyneir would replace Lean Franzeryl as the 4th Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs on November 2007 due to scandals that prompted public backlash against Franzeryl. Although young and still relatively new to the world of politics, he was mentored and favored by 2nd Chairman Alex Fluynt to be his successor in the Chairmanship position over another nominee Shasha Taohsh, the would be 2nd Secretary-General of the Union Party.

On January 2009, the Union Party filed their candidates for the next elections and began campaigning; Reyneir was fielded for the Chairmanship. On 17 May 2010, Alex Fluynt lead the inauguration ceremony to pass down the position to his successor, Reyneir August ze Gallis. As Chairman of the Eurasian Federation, Reyneir continued on several proposals and projects of the Fluynt administration. The Eurasian Federation under Reyneir's term prioritized foreign relations and trade first; infrastructure, technology, and defense second; welfare (such as education and health) third; and debt servicing and savings fourth.


There were a lot of criticisms against the ze Gallis administration. For one, the expensive purchase of five Bowasian/US supercarriers (4 Kitty-Hawk class and 1 Enterprise-class) which was widely seen as "useless" and "unnecessary" hurt the satisfaction rate to his administration.

There was also the Innovation Scandal that plagued the ze Gallis administration and the Union Party which brought popularity ratings to an all-time low and caused public disorder and distrust to the government before the situation finally calmed down.

Opponents of the ze Gallis administration also point out that political will against countries with past grievances to the AUE have softened citing the Code of Conduct Between Russo-Eurasian Borders with Russia and the Agreement on Border Conduct and Security with Iran.


On 30 December 2012, the People's Advancement Party filed an impeachment case against 3rd Chairman Reyneir ze Gallis citing three grounds for the move:

  • ze Gallis has committed electoral fraud to ensure the support of the House in approving his reform
  • ze Gallis is practicing nepotism, cronyism, and patronage
  • ze Gallis used his authority as Chairman to release a significant percentage of the Common Trust Fund to support the acquisition of several assets and materials that are not in the proper conditions for release of the CTF and without giving notice nor going through due process

The House of Representatives and the Supreme Council official started their investigation on 3 January 2013 and had a formal hearing on the same day. The debate ended with the Council issuing a subpoena for the Department of Treasury and Finance to launch a complete audit of the Common Trust Fund (CTF).

On 14 January 2013, the audit was presented and showed that the CTF has shrunk by almost 90% from when the ze Gallis administration took over the previous one on 2009. Worse for the ze Gallis administration, it concluded that the missing amount did not hold proper filing of liquidation records. ze Gallis cited that the released funds were used to continue projects of the Central Government as well as to pursue new quixotic ones such as the purchase of defense-related materials from Bowasia (including the aircraft carriers), the East Extension Project, various foreign investment, and many others. Asked by Council President Yuri Tokarev on whether the funds were released with due process or not, za Gallis admitted "no". Immediately, both the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council has voted to move the impeachment case to the next phase which is the referendum and Reyneir ze Gallis was effectively suspended from his duties.

On 1 February 2013, the referendum was held and Reyneir ze Gallis lost his position to Kael Spirska of the People's Advancement Party. His own party, the Union Party, unofficially disowned him when the January 14 ruling was made.


Reyneir ze Gallis is affiliated with the Jelavic Estate, Eurasian Guild consortium, Blitz Corporation, AE Group of Companies, and the Vist Foundation.

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