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Republican Party of Midway
Republican Party of the Union of Midway
FoundedDecember 06, 2010
Fiscal positionCentre-Right
Social positionCentre-Right
Party ChairmanHenry Whiteman
HeadquartersAldebaran, Midway
Official colors      Blue
Seats in the
- Provincial Committee (all provinces)
- State Committee of the Union of Midway
- Congress of the Union of Midway

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The Republican Party of the Union of Midway, also known as the Republican Party of Midway but best known as the Republican Party. It was at one point a major political party in the Union of Midway. It holds no seats in any of the government branches. It is conservationist on most of its position, but makes sure that their political positions are based off the republican ideology. It was founded on December 6th, 2010 by Henry Whiteman. The party is actively recruiting. The party identifies itself as Centre-Right both fiscally and socially. On other terms it sticks with the republican ideology.