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Peace Party
Peace Party of the Union of Midway
Peace party midway.png
FoundedJanuary 22, 2011
IdeologyPacifism, Enviormentalism
Fiscal positionCentre
Social positionCentre
Party ChairmanHenry Shostakovich
HeadquartersAldebaran, Midway
Official colors      White
Seats in the
- Provincial Committee (all provinces)
- State Committee of the Union of Midway
- Congress of the Union of Midway

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The Peace Party of the Union of Midway, also known as the Peace Party of Midway but best known as the Peace Party, is a political party in the Union of Midway. Its a mostly liberal party in terms of its political positions. It was founded by Henry Shostakovich, who gathered support from those who opposed war. The peace party holds no seats in any of the Midwayan branches of government. The party was founded on January 22, 2011. The party is recruiting, with little success. The party identify itself center fiscally and socially. On other terms it remains mostly liberal.