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Monarchs of United States of JBR
Coat of arms of House Von Holt.png
Coat of arms of House von Holt
Rudolph von Holt.jpg
Rudolph von Holt
since October 16, 2009
Gina von Holt.jpg
Gina von Holt
since October 16, 2009

Style: His/Her Majesty
Heir apparent: Marissa von Holt
First monarch: Rudolph von Holt
Gina von Holt
Formation: October 16, 2019
Residence: Western Palace

Website: www.monarchy.jb

The monarchy of the United States of JBR is the constitutional monarchy of the United States of JBR. It, along with the Office of the Presidency forms the executive branch of the JBRican government. This unique combination of a presidency and a monarchy is thanks to the JBRican States' current legal system following the principles of promcapablicism. The monarchy is headed by the king and queen. The King and Queen are both equal in status and power as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States of JBR. They are the only executives with power who do not have the right to participate or vote in any congressional sessions. This is to prevent the monarchy from partaking in partisan policy making although members of the monarchy are still free to associate themselves with a political party. The monarchy is largely limited to ceremonial duties with the exception of enforcing full binding laws through royal proclamations. The monarchy was established on October 16, 2009.

United States of JBR
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