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Midwayan-Australian whaling conflict
Date October 15, 2012-October 21, 2012
Location Australia

Australia arrests whalers it perceived as trespassing in its waters

Result Video released shows whalers violating Midwayan regulations; Midway withdrew military action and apologized
Status Ended
MidwayFlag Union of Midway
with support from:
Japan Japan
Republic of Australia Australia
Albania Albania
Belgium Belgium
Bulgaria Bulgaria
FlagofBowasia Bowasia
Canada Canada
Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
France France
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Hungary Hungary
Italy Italy
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Netherlands The Netherlands
Norway Norway
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania
Slovakia Solvakia

Slovenia. Solvenia
Spain Spain
Turkey Turkey

MidwayFlag Zabuza Hashimoto
MidwayFlag Ulysses Lee
Republic of Australia Daniel Lee Haris
Canada Stephen Harper
FlagofBowasia Travis Peters
France François Hollande
Republic of Australia Unknown
Casualties and losses
Midway: 0 Australia & NATO: 0

The Midwayan-Australian whaling conflict was a bloodless conflict that involved the Union of Midway and the Republic of Australia

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