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Long Live Midway
Anthem ofUnion of Midway
LyricsUnknown, January 22, 2010
MusicAugust Neithardt, 1851
AdoptedFebruary 20, 2010

Long Live Midway (JP: ミッドウェー万歳) is the national anthem of the Union of Midway adopted on February 10th, 2010. Before then, Midway had no official national anthem. It's original author is unknown as the song was published to the public domain anonymously. The tune of the song is the same as Preußenlied, a German song, that was composed in 1851 by August Neithardt.


Not much is known about the actual composition of the song. It is known that the person who published it intended for it to be in the public domain, and that it was intended to be one of Midway's first patriotic songs made after the Guam War. The song was published on January 22, 2010 onto multiple online music forums. Though initially it didn't get much attention, it was "discovered" by the general population of Midway on February 1st and became extremely popular relatively quickly. As a result the song was officially adopted as the national anthem on February 20, 2010.


Japanese Transliteration English translation



Umi ni ukabu gyoku
Hata ha mae ni tobu
Kono yutaka na tochi
ha warera no sokoku
warera ha hitotsu
bunretsu sezu

Kuni ga yobi, hito ha naku
Middouee banzai, banzai

A jewel floats in the sea
A flag flies before thee
Here stands the prosperous land
Here stands our great fatherland
We stand as one, united
We’ll never be divided

The nation calls, the people cry
Long live Midway, Midway

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