League of Independent
Latin America Nations
Military alliance
Trade bloc
Protector of
the League
Kovrov Stoyanovich
Formation 25 October 2012
Member States Bandera Empire of Antioquia
Argentina Argentina
Brazil Brazil
Chile Chile
Bolivia Bolivia
Paraguay Paraguay
Uruguay Uruguay
Cuba Cuba
Guatemala Guatemala

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Peru Peru

El Salvador El Salvador
Observer States AUE Eurasian Federation

The League of Independent Latin American Nations is a geopolitical, regional treaty alliance for collective security and economic growth. Its members are countries of Latin America but also accepts observers not within the geographical region.

United Defense ForcesEdit

A collective military under the command of the League's Security Council and the Protector, acting as the commander-in-chief of the UDF. The UDF is composed of military personnel that has volunteered from each member of the League (each member must contribute 1,000 combat-fit soldiers to the UDF command).

Latin American Strategic Defense InitiativeEdit

A project of the League (though financed mostly by Antioquia) to create a web of missile defense systems that would intercept ballistic missiles within the territory of the League. The project aims to provide early detection and elimination of incoming hostile projectiles using the newly developed Tornado II rockets and the Guajira Space Center for the development and deployment of the LASDI.


Economic restrictions and visa requirements between League members have been eliminated to ensure free trade and to ease the transportation of goods and people. The Unified Latin American Economic Center supervises the economy of each member nation, promoting local investment and development.

Interventions and missionsEdit

  • Guatemala Guatemala (28 October 2012-present) - in support of public security affairs
  • Guatemala Guatemala (November 9 2012-present) - in humanitarian support for earthquake victims
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