The Imperial Ministry for the Occupied Northern Territories or IMftONT) was created by Kovrov I on January 27 and headed by the National Collectivist theoretical expert, Sebastian Moreno. Jose Manuel Felipe was Moreno's deputy. This ministry was created to control the vast areas captured by the Antioquians in [[Nicaragua]..

In February 2013, under Kovrov I plans, it tried to promulgate a program of land reform in the occupied territories in Nicaragua, that included promises of Collectivization of the Economy through the National Collectivist lines and re-distribution of land to the new Institutions for Collective Farms.

In practice, however, Moreno's authority was substantially undermined by the appointment of Jose Urdaneta to administer Managua Economical Zone with orders from Kovrov I to be hard and brutal. Moreno wished to portray the Germans as liberators of Nicaragua from a corrupt government, but Urdaneta brutality helped to push potential Nicaragua allies back to the FSLN camp. Furthermore, Moreno's ministry was denied authority over army and other security formations within the occupied territories. The other Imperial Commissar, Simon Manuel was widely disregarded. The resulting power vacuum was filled by the Troops for the Internal Defense of the Nation who acted as they wished.

Two Imperial Comissaries were established, for Eastern and Western Nicaragua, and two more were planned, for Managua and San Jose. The latter pair were not set up, as the war turned against Antioquia and their armies were forced to speed the creation of the State of Nicaragua.

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