The Imperial Department of Security is the organism in charge of carrying out the inteligence operations of the state, as well serving as counterinteligence agency. The ADS is one of the most controversial agencies of the government, mostly because it strict secrecy policy. Nobody knows who is the director of the IDS or how many members does it have, but is a direct dependency of the Emperor of Antioquia. It was created with the Decree Number 1 of 2012.

Objectives Edit

1.Gather and Produce the state inteligence, in order to guarantee the internal and external security of the Antioquian State.

2.Participate in the development of the security policies of the government.

3.Process the information, both external as internal.

4.Coordinate the exchange of information with other institutions of the government.

5.Develop the operations of counterinteligence and protect the interests of the Antioquian State.

6.Excercise the migratory control of nationals and foreigners.

7.Gather evidence for the Royal Courts of Justice.

8.Protect the Emperor, his family and the Consuls of all threaths.

9.Defending the population against terrorist actions.

10.Educate the aspirants for the ADS in order to guarantee the correct training of the agents.

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