The Flag of Bowasia is the national symbol of Bowasia and her citizens. It features a single blue star in the center which represents the people and the government. Surrounding the star is a blue box which represents the land of Bowasia. Protruding from the corners of the box in four lines which represent the directions Bowasia could take, whether for better or worse. It was created in May 2006 after the creation of Napa City (the symbolism was the same). It is unknown who designed the flag. When Bowasia was created in October 2010, the founding fathers and mothers elected to use the flag of Napa City and it has been in use ever since. The Presidential Standard of Bowasia however is fairly recent, having been created in July 2012. It features a box containing 43 stars with represent the 43 states of Bowasia. Like the national flag, it has four lines protruding from the corners which represents the same as on the national flag.

Military FlagsEdit

The Armed Forces of Bowasia incorporate several flags for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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