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Commmonwealth of Columbia
500px-Flag of Cascadia.svg Coat of Arms of British Columbia
National Flag Coat of arms of British Columbia
Alis volat propriis (She Flies With Her Own Wings)
National Anthem
"O Cascadia"
Capital Vancouver
Largest City Vancouver
Official Languages English(de facto)
Demonym Columbian
Government Republic
- President Daniel Gilmour
- Prime Minister Sylvester Ellison
- Minister of Foreign Affairs Adrien Stuart
- Minister of Defense Baxter Dickinson
- Minister of the Interior Sidney Allen
National Animal Beaver
- Independence Declared
- Independence Recognized
- Constitution Ratified

12 June 2009
5th May 2010
19th February 2011
Total Area 623,525 km2
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
4,401,531 (2011 census)
Currency Columbian Mill (COM)
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2011 estimate estimate
₥191 billion
Literacy Rate 99%
Internet TLD .cmb
Driving Lane right
Date Format dd-mm-yyyy
Time Zone UTC−08:00

The Commonwealth of Columbia is a sovereign nation in North America. It is located on the west coast of the continent, bordered on the west by Pacific Ocean and Bowasia, bordered on the east by Canada across the Continental Divide, and bordered on the south by the Western Territory at the 49th Parallel.

Columbia was the first nation to secede from Canada, after concerns about logging rights in British Columbia and other environmental issues created enough concerns in the province to cause the Columbian National Party to form, recruiting members from the right and left wings of British Columbian politics.

Columbia is a unitary state governed as a parliamentary democracy with a semi-presidential system in place for the executive branch. Columbia has a growing economy, which depends mainly on lumber, Hemp, and technology exports. However, its position on the Pacific Coast allows for easy trade networks, while Vancouver has a large port, capable of massive trade volumes.

Columbia is a developed nation, with its primary focuses being Education, Healthcare, and Environmentalism, respectively. The nation has extensive protections on human rights and dignity, and an economic model based on Nordic Socialism. It ranks as one of the most socially progressive nations in the world, with its inclusion of LGBT citizens in their society.

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