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Travis Peters

Bowwow in August 2012

In office
October 25, 2010 – vacant

Born August 28, 1982
Lansing, Michigan, United States
Nationality American, Bowasian
Political party Conservative
Alma mater Michigan State University
Profession Politcan, Bussiman
Religion Roman Catholic

Travis Peters, (b.August 28, 1982) also known as Bowwow, is the current President of Bowasia

Early Life Edit

Bowwow was born on August 28, 1982 in Lansing, Michigan, United States. He is the oldest of two siblings and comes from a very conservative family. Unlike most conservatives, he supports non-interventionism. He says he'll only get involved in a conflict if "we're attacked or one of our allies is attacked". He has been interested in politics for as long as he could remember and dreamed of one day becoming President of the United States. His dream was dashed after the collapse of the United States. After Irene Delequois founded Napa City, he ran for office for Governor but failed. He would finally realize his dream of leading a nation after the successful revolution he led that created Bowasia and was elected President by the Founding Fathers and Mothers.

Life as President of BowasiaEdit

Bowwow began his tenure as President on October 25, 2010 when Bowasia was officially founded. His term in office expanded Bowasia's size to include 29 states of the former United States. His policies also expanded Bowasia's economy threefold and Bowasia became a major power in the world.

Personal LifeEdit

When Bowwow is not working, he likes to spend most of his time playing on the internet. His hobbies include flying, science, and astronomy. He regularly plays sports with his brother and likes to attend mass on Tuesdays. He also likes to spend time with Nina Windia. The two met during the revolution that created Bowasia and some speculate that they are dating.

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