Battle of York
Part of the British-Australian War
Australian soldiers preparing for battle.
Date 9th-10th June 2006
Location York, Republic of Australia
Result Australian Victory
Status Ended
ROA FLAG Australia
GB flag Great Britain
ROA FLAG Lt.Peter Simpson
ROA FLAG James Jones
GB flag David Blake
GB flag John Lock
12,000 7,000
Casualties and losses
231 Killed
19 Injured
607 Killed
82 Injured

The Battle of York was a battle that took place on the 29th June 2006 in a small town 97 kilometers east of Perth. After the Second Battle of York, the town was reduced to rubble leaving thousands homeless.


After retreating from Perth, the Australian forces pulled back to the quiet town of Perth and evacuated the residents living there as they were aware that the British were planning to capture the town and use it as a supply depot. The Australians soldiers were at the strongest point yet having being fully resupplied.


British shellingEdit

At 00:00, British artillery units just outside the town, began firing smoke bombs and BM-21 Grad units into the town. Radar monitors reported that the artillery continued for 45 minutes and that shells were falling every 30 seconds.

Operation clean houseEdit

Early in the morning, the British forces launched a ground attack(Codenamed Operation Clean House). Supported by Panhard AML armored vehicles, the British soldiers moved into the town and immediately came under heavy fire. By the afternoon, the British had gained no land due to the reinforcements coming in from the opposite side of the town. Realizing that continuing to attack without stopping the reinforcements line, Sgt. Lock sent a team of 200 British soldiers around the right side of the town to block off the reinforcements although this was unsuccessful due to the land mines placed around the town. Experiencing heavy resistance, the British forces withdrew from the town but they continued to hold their positions outside the town.

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