The Battle of Tasmania was the first battle of the British-Australian War. It took place on the 3rd June 2006.

While Australia was preparing to be attacked, the military base in the island of Tasmania was stripped and alot of its resources and soldiers was taken the the mainland where the Army thought they could be off better use since Tasmania was under little threat. Only 300 soldiers remained in Tasmania. Military General Jack Haynes thought that Great Britain would invade the western city of Perth since it was isolated and away from the other major cities. This was not the case.

On the 3rd June 2006, Tasmania came under attack from the British Paratroopers who parachuted onto the island and attacked the main city Hobart. Once the mainland Generals heard about this they ordered the remaining soldiers there to surrender because putting up any defense would be futile. Just 4 hours after landing on Tasmania and without a single bullet being fired, the British flag was raised in Tasmania and the Australian soldiers were being held a PoWs.

Great Britain used the island as a equipment base and brought over many supplies that they could use once they attack the mainland.

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