Battle of Perth
Part of the British-Australian War
Australian soldiers clearing a building in Perth
Date 5th June-6th June 2006
Location Perth, Republic of Australia

British Forces attack Perth

British forces take control of Perth and the surrounding countryside
Result British Victory
Status Ended
ROA FLAG Australia
GB flag Great Britain
ROA FLAG Lt.Peter Simpson GB flag David Blake
GB flag William Elliot
10,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
2340 Killed
738 Injured
3201 Killed
1089 Injured

The Battle of Perth was a major battle in British/Australian war.

Day 1Edit

At 16:32, beach goers in Perth reported seeing 3 large British warships approaching the coastline. At 16:37, the warships began shelling the beaches and nearby buildings. As the police pulled the civilians back into the city center, British helicopters began transporting soldiers into the nearby beaches. The Police were the first to respond but they came under immediate fire and had to call for the Army. Once the Australian Army responded, the British troops were already making there way into the city. At 16:51, nearly 13,000 British Troops had already landed in Australia. The British Troops faced heavy resistance from the Australian soldiers. Although they were outnumbered, the Australian Soldiers managed to keep the British out of the city center while they called for backup. An error in the communication systems meant that the backup was 5 hours away. As nightfall approached, the firing had stopped as both sides waited out a nervous night.

Day 2Edit

As morning approached, the British left no time to spare and pushed a full offensive against the Australians. In an attempt to counter the growing momentum of the British, Lt. Peter Simpson gave the order to fire mortars at the British. This attack was futile as the British were too close to them and there was a risk that it could injure their own and it would certainly damage an already torn apart city. With the British gaining more and more territory, Prime Minister Jones ordered the Mayor and his staff to evacuate Perth and flee to the capital Sydney. With the advice of the military leaders, Jones then ordered the Australian soldiers to retreat to the countryside ending the battle of Perth.

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