Battle of Malpelo
Part of War of Azuay
Peruvian forces asaulting Malpelo
Date June 25, 2012
Location Town of Malpelo
Result Decisive Victory of Antioquia
Status Ended, Victory for Antioquia
Bandera Empire of Antioquia Peru Republic of Peru
Bandera Faustino Asprilla Peru Ollanta Humala Tas
1.170 Soldiers, 5 Artillery Batteries, 3 AA guns 3.200 Soldiers, 2 Helicopters
Casualties and losses
511 Soldiers 1.918 Soldiers

At 8:31 am on the morning of June 25, 2012, Peruvian troops assaulted the Imperial garrison in Malpelo. The Antioquian troops, under the command of Faustino Asprilla, quickly rejected the Peruvian attack and drove them off to Guayaquil.

At 8:59 am, the President of Peru gave the order to advance into Mount Malpelo to capture the town of Malpelo. At 9:20 am, Faustino gave the order to block the mount to prevent the passage of the Peruvians. At 9:31 am, the Antioquian forces massacred the Peruvians and advanced towards Malpelo. At 9:37 am, Ollanta gave the order to fall back and hold the position at Cruses. The last shot of the battle was fired at 9:38 am.

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