Battle of Guayaquil
Part of War of Azuay
Date June 28
Location Province of Guayaquil

Antioquian Forces try to recover Guayaquil

Status Ended, Victory for Antioquia
Bandera Empire of Antioquia Peru Republic of Peru
Bandera Faustino Asprilla Peru Fernando de la Mar
4.200 Soldiers, 10 Tanks, 5 Helicopters, 10 Artillery Batteries 3.500 Soldiers, 1 Helicopter
Casualties and losses
301 Soldiers, 1 Tank 903 Dead Soldiers, 1.985 Caputured, 1 Helicopter

At 2:00 pm on June 28, 2012, Antioquian forces moved to Guayaquil, in order to expel the Peruvians in the area. At 2:57 pm, The Battalion number 7 attacked the Peruvians camping by the river, forcing them to retreat to the beach. Meanwhile, Faustino led the offensive against the Peruvian infantry division 7. At 5:13 pm, the Peruvians left Guayaquil and fleed to Cruces. Kovrov I restored the Governor of Guayaquil one hour later.

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