Battle of Cruces
Part of War of Azuay
Peruvian soldiers leaving Antioquia
Date July 5 - July 12
Location Cruces, Azuay

Antioquian Forces assault the last Peruvian Bastion

Peruvian forces leave Antioquia
Status Ended, Victory for Antioquia
Bandera Empire of Antioquia Peru Republic of Peru
Bandera Faustino Asprilla Peru Fernando de la Mar
2.510 Soldiers, 20 Tanks, 20 Artillery Batteries, 5 Helicopters 3.820 Soldiers, 1 Helicopter, 3 Artillery Batteries
Casualties and losses
450 Soldiers, 3 Tanks 1.726 Soldiers, 2 Helicopters, 3 Artillery Batteries

At 1:34 pm on June 5, the imperial troops commanded by Faustino Asprilla surrounded the village and opened fire against the Peruvians. The intense fighting between the two armies continued until June 7, when the artillery unit of Antioquia entered the village.

On June 8, the imperial forces had already captured parts of the town, but the Peruvian forces did not leave the fight. On June 9, the first Peruvian groups began to withdraw and reinforcements had been destroyed by the Imperial Air Force of Antioquia.

At 7:38 am on June 12, Peruvian troops left the village, followed immediately by the local militia. After that, Faustino gave the order to occupy the town and shoot the remaining Peruvians.

Negotiations began two days later.

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