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British/Australian War
Date 29th June-1st September 2006
Location Australia
British soldiers retreat into their last stronghold, Perth.
Result Australian Victory.
Status Ended
ROA FLAG.png Australia
New Zealand flag.gif New Zealand
GB flag.jpg Great Britain
ROA FLAG.png James Jones
ROA FLAG.png Cody Walker
ROA FLAG.png Jack Haynes
New Zealand flag.gif Marcus Devine
GB flag.jpg David Blake
GB flag.jpg William Elliot
GB flag.jpg Jack Evans
37,000 Soldiers 30,000 Soldiers
Casualties and losses
2300 soldiers killed
793 injured
8200 soldiers killed
291 injured
2305 arrested

The Australian Offensive was a major battle in the British-Australian War war that saw Australia retake all of Western Australia except Perth. The operation maw led by Lt. Gen. Adrian Barker. Barkers plan was to hit the British defense line at the center, where most of the British troops were concentrated, this would leave the weaker lines no choice but to surrender.

After meeting with Blake and other important figures, the idea was accepted.

The offensive began soon after Barkers plan was accepted. At 10:58, Barker led the Australian troops into Western Australia. Once they reached the main defense positions and realized that the British were weakened by losses and lack of replacements. Taking advantage of this the punched through the British defense and advanced another 17km. This left them just 25km from Perth and advancing. Most British soldiers outside Perth had either been arrested or they deserted.