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Antioquian Legion
200px-Emblem of the Antioquian Legion.svg.png
Emblem of the Antioquian Legion
Allegiance Empire of Antioquia
Founded August 12, 2012
Headquarters Imperial District
Commander-in-Chief Kovrov_I
Consul of Defence, Security and War Don Fransisco de Gomez
Supreme Leader of War Federico Renjifo
Military age 18-55 years old
Conscription Exclusive to Trained Agents
Active personnel 10.500
Deployed personnel 4.560
Budget 210 Billon AP
Percent of GDP 2.32%
Domestic suppliers INDUMIL
Foreign suppliers Russia.png Russian Federation
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The Antioquian Legion (Spanish: Legión Antioqueña, La Legión or colloquially El Nuevo Tercio), formerly Antioquia Foreign Legion, is an elite unit of the Imperial Army and Antioquia's Rapid Response Force.


Legionnaries patrolling Medellin

Today, acceptance to the Antioquian Legion is based on the following criteria:

  • Be a Antioquian citizen (although citizens from Antioquian colonies can join)
  • Be a citizen in good legal standing
  • Not be deprived of civil rights
  • Be at least 18 years of age and not be 29 on the day of joining boot camp.
  • Be able to pass psychological, physical and medical evaluations


The military ranks of the Antioquia Legion are the same that in the rest of the Imperial Army, promotion conditions are, as well, the same as in the rest of the army. Formerly it had its own rank system for non-commissioned officers.