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The United Kingdom of Albion-Gaul
Flag of Albion-Gaul Coat of Arms of Albion-Gaul
National Flag Royal Coat of Arms
Dia agnus mo dheis
National Anthem
God Save the Queen
The area in green marks the UK's territory
Capital London
Official Languages Albish
Demonym none officially (Albion-Gauler, Albiongauler, or simply Albion may be used)
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Monarch Evelyn I
- Prime Minister Chester Jameson (C)
- Legislature Parliament of Albion-Gaul
- Speaker of the House of Commons Zachary Burns (C)
Major Religions Protestantism, Catholicism
National Animal Lion
- Acts of Union of 1707

May 1, 1707
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
White (87%) Other (13%)
Currency Albish pound sterling (AGP) (£)
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2012 estimate
Uparrow£3.220 trillion
Literacy Rate 100%
Internet TLD .uk
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