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Alaskan Territory of Bowasia
Flag of Alaskan Territory
National Flag
"Deo Gratias"
National Anthem
"Audi Famnam Illuis" (I've Heard Legends)
Alaska in Bowasia
Alaska located in red while Bowasia in green.
Capital Anchorage
Official Languages English
Government Organized incorporated territory
- Governor Sean Parnell
- Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell
- Legislature Alaska Territorial Legislature
- Annexation by Bowasia

January 25, 2013
Total Area 663,268 sq mi
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
730,000 (est)
Currency Alaskan Dollar (A$), Bowasian Zen(Z).
Literacy Rate 95.3% (projected estimate)
Time Zone UTC -9

The Alaskan Territory is the land that encompasses the former U.S. state of Alaska.

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