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The 2013 Solanum epidemic is a Bowasian-centered epidemic of a virus inducing extreme meningitis and the reanimation of dead victims known as solanum. The epidemic originated in the the Bowasian state of Georgia and became first evident on January 12 when the visible effects of the virus was experienced en masse by thousands of Georgians. Victims of solanum die in the initial infection of solanum and their bodies reanimate into a degenerate human zombie referred to as "walkers". It has infected 14 million Bowasians, including Bowasian Vice President Kevin Kimberly. The disease quickly slowed and millions of victims were systematically killed causing controversy. Currently, the disease remains concentrated at the state of origin, Georgia.

Outbreak and initial responseEdit


Status of Bowasia as of January 18, 2013

Solanum first made its appearance in early January 2013 as a local outbreak that went generally unnoticed outside the State of Georgia. For unknown reasons, its spread quickly accelerated into an epidemic in less than 3 days. By January 13, 2013, half of Bowasia had been infected, turning around 14 million people into "walkers". Because of the disease's rapid expansion, there was fear in the government that the disease may reach Napa City in a very short amount of time. In response to this, President Curt Samson invoked Article 1, Section 6, Clause 1 of the Bowasia Constitution and suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and declared martial law. Soon after this, he boarded Air Force One en route to the United States of JBR, where he subsequently authorized the use of nuclear weapons against "Annie, Romeo, Charlie, and Nancy", which are thought to be Antioquia, Russia, China, and North Korea, respectively in the event that aforementioned nations attempted to use the epidemic to make aggressive moves.

Epidemic crisisEdit

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International reactionsEdit

  • Flag of the United States of JBR (2011-2013) United States of JBR: The JBRican government allowed Bowasian President Curt Samson to take refuge in the Bowasian embassy in Riverside.
  • Pelicania United States of Pelicania:
  • Flag of Antioquia Empire of Antioquia: The University of Antioquia released a series of documents which compiles gathered information, observations, test and experiment results regarding the infected. The same institution named the unknown virus as Solanum.
  • MidwayFlag Union of Midway: The Union of Midway strongly condemned how Bowasia and Pelicania handled the crisis and called for economic sanctions on Bowasia which soured diplomatic relations with both nations. The government has opened its immigration to accept infected people to be treated in Midway.
  • AUE Eurasian Federation: The Eurasian Central Government banned any mode of transportation to and from Bowasia Even air and sea routes were changed to maintain an assurance that the epidemic will not spread further. Eurasia also condemned how Bowasia and Pelicania handled the crisis but did not support sanctions against the two. Eurasia has taken custody of its infected citizens from Bowasia (numbering around 30) and are treating them in Randgriz Island.

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